This website collects information and resources related to the threshold ECDSA signing schemes of Jack Doerner, Yashvanth Kondi, Eysa Lee, and abhi shelat, otherwise known as DKLs. As of May 2023, we have a new paper available! We present a three-round protocol for threshold ECDSA signing with malicious security against a dishonest majority, which information-theoretically UC-realizes a standard threshold signing functionality, assuming ideal commitment and two-party multiplication primitives. You may find a complete description of the protocol, along with a full proof of security and closed form cost analysis, in eprint 2023/765.

We consider our original t-of-n and 2-of-n threshold ECDSA signing protocols to be superseded by the aforementioned successor work. Nevertheless, they are available online as eprint numbers 2019/523 and 2018/499 respectively.